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Pine Creek
Quiet Pine Creek along the Bike Trail!
Taken on a bike trip with my family in 2003!

Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon
The Pine creek Rail Trail was voted by USA Today as one of the "10 great places to take a bike tour".

We are currently reworking a home in the middle of Galeton, Pennsylvania..

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Why Galeton (Overview)
We can offer a unique approach to a vacation filled with lasting memories. Either a quiet retreat alone to recharge or a full family adventure, we can help you get the most at your next trip. Find out why we love Galeton, Pennsylvania
Some reasons to come here:

There is no noise, no traffic, no lines, no hassle! Just plenty of open spaces, beautiful mountains and valleys to hunt, hike or ski, peaceful streams to fish or raft, unique shops to browse, irresistible eateries to be recharged in, a comfortable historical home to rest in and so much more .
Close to many activities
Quiet simply beautiful outdoors area.
Clean and safe fun.
Come to Galeton, Pennsylvania
Galeton House